OMU, an alternative communication system for ALS patients.

UX and UI research for eye-tracker communication system. The project involves a full redesign of the digital interface and a physical concept aimed to increase human. interaction with the patient.

Project description

This project aims to improve the communication of patient with ALS* in collaboration with Ausilioteca Bologna and AISLA Ferrara. The thorough research creates an overview of the context, the stakeholders and the market of the AAC systems in order to identify how to improve the quality of live of people with ALS.
*Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Design vision

Six months of ethnographic research in households with ALS patient resulted in understanding the importance of autonomy in communication of the patients and the dynamics among stakeholders.


The project aims to increase the ALS patient's autonomy in communication by increasing privacy through the communication device and by better integrating the patient within daily life interactions.

Design solution


The thesis is in Italian, but the high number of visual can support you!