UX and UI of NS -Ticket machine

User experience and user interface of the National Dutch Railways Ticket machine.

Project description

The Nederlandse Spoorwegen proposed a design challengeĀ on how to improve the customers experience when interacting with the NS Ticket machine.

In a team of 5 UX designers, the NS Ticket Machine was researched, analysed, improved and tested.
When you travel in the NL, you can see that part of the results of this project are integrated in the current Interface.

Problem statement

The unclear structure of the interface and the uninformative buttons confuse new users. The misleading paths of the the flow cause frustration in new and habitual users.

Design goal

The design should raise awareness about availability and increase findability of the anonymous OV-chipkaart. The user should be able to operate the OV-Chipkaart menu efficiently and in an intuitive way.

Design solution